Snarf’s Sub Shop Fires All Employees Via E-Mail in Chicago Location

December 23, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Snarf’s, a Chicago-area sandwich shop, laid off all its employees via e-mail, according to a report. reported that the some 20 employees at the 600 W. Chicago Ave. location got the e-mail Sunday night from manager Doug Besant.

“Due to increased competition and losses, ownership has decided to consider remodeling and reconcepting the store at 600 West Chicago Ave.,” the e-mail states. “The store is closing, effective tomorrow, December 23, 2013 for an unknown period of time for this remodeling and reconcepting.”

It then says that “all staff is terminated, effective Monday, December 23, 2013.”

The e-mail then said, “Keep an eye out for the grand opening of the new store,” adding: “Ownership appreciates your service and wish you well in your new endeavors.”

Three weeks ago, Snarf’s employees went on strike for higher wages and better benefits.

“Chicago is a union town!” workers chanted outside the Snarf’s location on Dec. 5, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jill Preston, the chain’s director of marketing, told Chicagogrid that the firing was unrelated to the strike earlier this month.

“During the Christmas holiday we’re pretty slow,” she told the site. “The restaurant’s usually three quarters closed. This does happen to coincide, but this is something we’ve had planned for awhile.”