Small Plane Crashes in Gulf of Mexico

April 19, 2012 Updated: April 20, 2012

A small airplane bound for Florida crashed into the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday after the pilot went unresponsive, according to media reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the plane crashed a few hours after they lost contact with the pilot, Tampa Bay-based WTSP-10 reported.

Air Force planes spotted the airplane and reported that its windows were fogged over or iced over, so they were not able to see the pilot, the station said. They could not make contact with the pilot.

The Cessna 421 took off from Sidell, La., and was circling over the Gulf at an altitude of more than 28,000 feet, CNN reported. NORAD told the network that the pilots were watching the plane in the air before it hit the water.

Petty Officer Elizabeth Boderland told The Associated Press that “the situation is pretty dynamic right now” after the plane landed right-side up, afloat in the Gulf’s waters.