Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Spoilers and Preview (No Premiere Date Yet)

February 21, 2014 Updated: February 21, 2014

Sleepy Hollow season 1 went out with a lot of suspense, and season 2 is sure to start off just as good.

Spoilers have been coming out regarding what to expect with the next season.

Let’s check them out:

-Abbie is stuck in the dollhouse in Purgatory, after taking the protective amulet and pushing it into Moloch’s skin. “The question is, is she going to find her way out herself, or is somebody going to help her out? Abbie’s a pretty self-reliant person,”co-creator Alex Kurtzman told TVLine.

-A new character may come in to help save the Cranes and Abbie. “I don’t want to give away too much,” executive producer Len Wiseman said. “But there’ll be another important character coming in the second season.” Also, at least one family member of Abby’s will be introduced in season 2.

-Katrina’s going to be suspicious of what happened between Ichabod and Abbie. “It’s something that is very real. He’s spent a lot of time with Abbie, creating this bond, and their relationship has been a very tricky one in terms of the emotions involved between the two of them,” said Wiseman. “So that’s definitely something that Katrina’s going to wonder, ‘Where does that relationship lie?,’ wouldn’t you think? Once you get past the ‘Thank you for saving me from Purgatory and thank you for saving me from the demons and from being dragged down to Hell, but can we please talk about that woman you were hugging?'”

-Season 2 will expand the world outside the town’s boundaries, executive producer Roberto Orci told TVGuide. “It is the beginning of expanding the reach of the storytelling. Also, not just for the mythology and evil coming to town, but Ichabod seeing the rest of the world is just a fascinating thing to do,” he says. “He’s only seen [so little] of our modern society through the lens of a town that resembles his own town to a great degree, except more Starbucks. Opening it up is absolutely something we hope to do.”

-Ichabod’s reactions will be like a fish out of water. “He’s been in this town the whole time and he’s adapted very well, but I’d like to see his reaction the first time he gets on an airplane,” Orci said. “We were joking that he thinks, ‘Oh, are we driving all the way there in this thing?’ And then the plane takes off. Imagine seeing the White House and all the stuff that he never got to see that are the fruit of his labor and his sacrifice. Things like that will blow his mind.”

-Season 2 will also include more of Henry (who is actually Jeremy)–because John Noble was promoted to series regular after a three-episode arc, reported Deadline.

-Another cast member, Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) was promoted to series regular as well.

-New characters will be introduced in season 2, executive producer Mark Goffman told E! Online. “We actually do plan to introduce some new characters. One of the big goals, which goes along with the idea of war in Sleepy Hollow, is that we need to populate the town more. So we expect to build out and get to know more of the town of Sleepy Hollow and that will definitely mean bringing in some more characters. And some of them, I think, will be supernatural.”

-Andy Brooks will likely be back even though he was killed. “He’s so beloved and such a fantastic character,” Goffman said. “I really hope that he’s able to return. I think there’s still more to tell both in the past about his story with Abbie and I think there’s still some more that he can do as a character looking for reception but stuck because he sold his soul. I think there’s still some really fun stuff we can do with him.”

-Goffman also discussed the theme of the next season and the War reveal: “Well, the idea of war, when you read it in the Bible, it’s not only bombs and troops. War is really man against man and turning against himself. So, really, what we’re going to be looking at in season 2 is how does having the horseman of War here in the Sleepy Hollow influence our town.”

There’s no premiere date for season 2 but it is said to debut in the fall.

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