Shen Yun’s Values Touch and Inspire Anthropologist

March 2, 2017

“It was absolutely fantastic. Beyond my expectations, and I think the performers made the audience understand how important it is to be culturally educated, because the performers educated us on their culture. … I was impressed with it — in the modern times, how modest they were—I go to theaters all over the world and this was absolutely fantastic.”

“When all of a sudden, the very sharp moments of the dances, the strong dancers, then comes the gentle music, and this performance went the gamut of emotions in a human person. I’m an anthropologist also, so for me I was admiring what each performer must have gone through for their training, the years of training they must have had to be able to perform like this.”

“Daoism, that’s the other thing that touched me. It made me want to also continue my study of Daoism. I’m a Buddhist—to have compassion for the rest of the people who we interact with and the tolerance is being lost—until something like this comes and tells us how important it is. And it’s part of our lives to improve our lives, to deeply challenge what we do. So it’s very important.”

“I came by myself, I just came from the hospital, sick, but I needed to see this. … I feel very energetic now.”