Shen Yun’s Orchestra and Dancers Have Fantastic Discipline

April 21, 2017

“I thought the performance was fantastic. … I came to see the orchestra primarily or to hear them, and I was very impressed with their intonation, their tuning, their dead-on rhythmic figures. Everything is lined up so well, and the dancers took that queue and were perfectly with them.”

“I thought it was very inspiring. I thought it was very inspiring. One thing that I noted was a lot of the stories, the ancient stories, a lot of them have a connection between Heaven and Earth. and I thought that was very interesting.”

“There was a supreme creator, and he did prepare a way for us to return to him.”

“I was very impressed with the performance. I thought the musicians and the dancers did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with the level of discipline, the level of achievement … I wonder how many in the audience actually understand that level of discipline, sweat, and tears that goes into a performance like that. … It’s fantastic job.”