Shen Yun’s Music Has the Power to Ease Pain, Says Director of Thoracic Medicine

September 24, 2017

“I am absolutely impressed by how they could present traditional Chinese music in such outstanding way! It’s very nice and touching.” 

“I am most impressed by the piece “Plum Blossom.” It sounds very dear to me. I know it and sang it growing up, but it just sounds really special today.” 

“Music is a positive energy—a piece of marvellous music like Shen Yun’s can ease the pain of a sick person. It’s been scientifically proven to be true.”

“The melody (of “Water Sleeves”) is elegant and warm and it moves me. The melody is like a song we can listen to everyday, like a friendly neighbor!” 

“Very few groups are willing to perform this many encores, at most one or two. Today we heard four encores and it’s because the audiences just love it and that Shen Yun cares about its audiences.”