Shen Yun ‘Visually Stunning,’ ‘Emotionally Moving,’ Says Entrepreneur

April 15, 2017

Dr. Sarah Larsen:

“[I] loved the show, the colors.”

“[I] loved the way it moved us and inspired us.”

“[What I] value the most is [Shen Yun] keeping a culture alive. It is an ancient tradition that is performed and kept alive by the patrons, and by us becoming the living testimonials of this story.”

“I’m inspired to bring my kids here, and this is a great way for them to learn about Lao Tzu, the ancient arts, the Chinese medicine, especially the music components and the instruments.”

(To Shen Yun) “Thank you for putting it together.”

(To friends and family) “Come bring you children, and really appreciate every moment that you have with the diversity and the culture that you’re a part of.”

Greg Larsen:

“It was visually stunning, emotionally moving.”

“It was also very interesting to hear all of the expression of concern for what’s still happening in China as far as the suppression of freedom of thought. It made me being grateful for being born in the US, and having all the freedom that I do.”