Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Raised His Spirits, Company Manager Says

September 28, 2017

“What’s special was that there was the Chinese instrument erhu, as well as violins and cellos. They combined so smoothly together. … The music allowed people to open themselves up and be more cheerful.” 

“In the early days, Chinese music emphasized solo performances with just a few instruments, including the suona, which was often used in celebration.”

“The conductor, who could bring together the orchestra so well to play different Chinese musical pieces, must have a very good understanding of traditional Chinese culture. I would like to tip my hat to this conductor.” 

“I have been very busy with work in the past few days with the feelings of being helpless about society and my job. But today, after listening to this music, these feelings have all been gone.” 

“I could nearly feel what it was like to be in a Chinese village—a place that had not been polluted by modern society. It was very pure. It was great how Shen Yun could elicit such a sensation.” 

“This music … could surely purify people’s hearts and make our society more peaceful, with much less turmoil.”