Shen Yun Shows Strength and Tenderness

March 11, 2017

“I am admiring the beauty of the dance and the fact that there is such an elegance about it and I think in our culture today we lose sight of the beauty of that and don’t esteem it as much as we should. I find it very refreshing, it’s really beautiful to watch and I really admire it. It has such strength and yet such a tenderness about it while they are dancing.”

“They are trying to recapture [traditional culture] and to share it with a wider audience. I think that shows a lot of compassion with the culture and history. I think a lot of times we forget where we come from.”

“I appreciate their story telling and I appreciate the fact that when you see them on stage, they act as one body, not the individual but the community of dancers—I feel like it’s really one voice being told here. … That says a lot about their culture.”