Shen Yun Portrays ‘The best in human beings,’ Says Psychiatrist

March 18, 2017

“I thought it was gorgeous. Each performance, and each time in each [vignette], touched a different part of me.”


“It was breathtaking. The colors were exquisite, the athletic ability of the dancers is incredible, their coordination, and whoever does the visuals to make things be the way they are, the whole thing is like being on a magical trip.”


“It’s fun, and it’s exciting. It’s got good stories about life – a lot of lessons to learn, but in a nice way.”


“The feeling I have now is hope. I see things like this, and I see the best in human beings, what they can become, what they can do, when they work together and have a common purpose, a good purpose, so I’m uplifted by the whole performance. It makes me feel uplifted.”


“I loved the music. [The erhu] was incredible. If that doesn’t go to your soul, nothing will. The sounds that come out of that are not of this earth, almost. They are so gorgeous. And I thought the singing was absolutely beautiful.”


“If you want to go to something different than you’ve ever seen, and you want to be uplifted, and you want to see pure beauty and gorgeous music, then you want to spend an evening where you really are someplace you’ve never been before and probably even things you haven’t felt before, then this is the performance you want to see.”


“I appreciate [Shen Yun] coming and putting this together. … It’s a privilege.”