Shen Yun Performers in Perfect Harmony, Ballet Dancer Says

April 7, 2018

“I really appreciate this show,I find it very, very hypnotizing. The dancers are really very, very well prepared. I really like it. It’s very, very beautiful.”

“I feel emotions that can’t really be expressed, but I think you have to first come to the show. I recommend this show a lot, and it’s very, very personal emotions that remind me of my childhood and why I love dancing.”

“It reminds me of my childhood because since I was very little I really liked China and that’s why I came to see this show. … I’m happy, and I have a lot of feelings inside.”

“Also all the scenography and music helps a lot to create those feelings, it’s really as if you feel you are in paradise, let’s put it that way.”

“I think that they are really very, very prepared, the ensemble—they are all acting at the same time, in perfect harmony.”