Shen Yun Orchestra’s Music ‘Is mind-blowing and touching,’ Says Design Artist

September 24, 2017

“This is a charming event. I just found myself submerging in tranquility and peace. Shen Yun’s music offers a great help in comforting the mind.” 


“The Eastern music and Western musical instruments do not conflict each other. They work so closely and so well and the music coming out is mind-blowing and touching.”


“Shen Yun’s music has the characteristics of East and West. It can be light and comforting while it can also be magnificent, powerful and amazingly rich.” 

“This is probably my happiest evening in the past few months. I feel very peaceful and joyous. Nonetheless I am very touched by the music.” 


“I really like the conductor—an angel of music—he brings out the best of the artists on stage and allows them to show their most exquisite talents.”