Shen Yun Orchestra ‘Is very spiritual…piercing the body and the mind’

October 15, 2017

“It’s been excellent. I have attended the [Shen Yun Performing Arts dance and music performance] and I recognized some of the pieces from the [the dance and music performance are] being performed here. It’s very pleasant, very soothing.”

“[The original classical Chinese compositions are] rare because you just don’t hear it from any other orchestra, so I find it very appealing and I will certainly have friends come back to it. I understand [Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra] will be having an event tomorrow also, so I will direct some people to come here to view it.”

“I have some literature on [Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra], but in addition to that, I have CDs I have acquired on the music, and so I will have [my friends] listen to it, offer it to them.”

“I am very impressed by the violinist and the speed and accuracy with which [the violinist] is playing. It seems to be without a flaw. The tenor also, good powerful voice—I am pleased with that.”

“It’s very spiritual, I mean it’s piercing the body and the mind—it’s very soothing.”

Mr. Gileta, business analyst
Carnegie Hall, New York, United States
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 14, 2017