Shen Yun Magical in Many Ways

December 30, 2017

“It’s very nice to get a window into a cultural part of the world…To be able to experience something in this way—a real window into the history as well—I find to be really magical. It’s really nice to get much more depth about what the history of China is.”

“I think part of the magic is exactly that time of great history to a modern-day contemporary performance. It’s really beautiful.”

“One thing that I find very impressive is the way they go between the digital [backdrops] and the real performance [on the stage]. I think that’s where it’s magical as well because [Shen Yun] can take elements and [they] can represent very nicely digitally. Having people fly and tell a story in the way that you can fly from kingdom to kingdom—part of the magic really is that.”

“I think a lot of the eastern cultures really have a big spiritual element that I think we completely lose here in Canada or here in modern day society. Maybe we take it for granted. It’s something to really appreciate that we don’t really appreciate as much.”