Shen Yun Is Divine Inspiration Says Retired Executive Director

January 11, 2018

“The performance was very inspiring.”

“We have had a wonderful time at the performance. It was very inspiring, and I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it, because the beauty, the culture.”

“The experience here was really one of a kind. It was unique in that it was very inspiring. The beauty and the realization that in China today, people cannot express, because of communism, their faith and their deep beliefs and god. … I realized that is such a sad state of affairs for the Chinese people in China.”

“Very inspiring, very touching, and makes me feel very fortunate that I live in a country that allows us to express our religious beliefs. Because I think that, as Shen Yun has proven, it really is the expression of a heavenly body and the divine way. And I thank you for that.”

“The dedication to the discipline of the movement, and the expression of a divine spirit. That’s what impressed me the most.”