Shen Yun Evokes a ‘Spiritual Wave Going Across the World’

February 17, 2018

“To me it was way far and beyond what I expected, and that brought tears to my eyes … from the connection to my heart.”

“There is a wave spreading across the world of the spirit … a spiritual wave is going across the world. I feel it.”

“I just feel like there is a spirit flowing over the world, and it’s combating evil, and that’s what I felt.”

“It’s just a general feeling I had through the whole [Shen Yun Performance] … my description would be God in heaven and almost the borealis around him. I’ve had the same impression.”

“The beauty and the colors and the grace and the appreciation much more of the Chinese people, it just overwhelmed me. … I’ve had a lot of wanting to connect with Chinese [culture] all the time.”

“[The traditional Chinese culture] was so amazing!”