Shen Yun Dancers Seem to be Flying, Says Emeritus Professor

April 6, 2017

“We are very pleased. We saw many new things that we didn’t know before. It’s the music, the aesthetics, the dance movements, wonderful. The colors!

“Their [Shen Yun’s] effort is wonderful. I mean it does show the traditional culture, there’s no doubt about that. It shows the thousand years of Chinese culture and many people probably do not know much about that. We didn’t learn anything about that in school. … You do not see what you saw on stage, you do not see that in China today. … It’s really going back and appreciating the previous time and then where the culture comes from, where it is based on.”

“It has a peaceful meaning, or a peaceful sense.”

“[The skills of the dancers were] incredible. They seem like flying, like moving in the air, and turning around, it’s amazing. So light.”


“The music is good—it’s melodic!”