Shen Yun Conveys a Beautiful Message of Love, Says Theatergoer

January 17, 2018

“I loved it. It’s a privilege [to see Shen Yun]. I recommend it to everyone. It’s magnificent, it makes us travel, it makes us high in spirit, it makes us [examine] ourselves as well. I loved the dancers. It’s professional, lots of colors. We’ll leave here and go to sleep, but we’ll dream dreams of love.”

“The people of China, we know first of all that it’s an ancient people, it’s a 5000-year history. And we see that it’s a people who express themselves a lot through dance, through the arts, and that touches us to the deepest. … [They are] a people with spirituality.”

“There was an instrument with two strings [the erhu] that is very powerful. They say that it’s an instrument that’s the closest to the human voice. And I believe it, because it seems like an instrument that speaks. It really reached us.”

“[The soprano was] extraordinary. … Her voice is penetrating. It’s really, really good.”

“Marvelous—the colours, the costumes, the sounds, everything. [The dancers] are pretty, they’re handsome. It looks easy when you see them on stage, but we see their work. We can’t imagine the work and the hours that there are behind [the performance].”

“[Regarding the animated backdrop,] that’s marvelous. It’s an aspect that I really liked. It’s magical, it [helps to tell] the story. … It’s truly well done.”

“That’s what will stay with us, the stories, and precisely those that start out [with a tragedy or obstacle] and that end up well. It’s like in life! You need to have faith. It’s a good message.”

“It makes us see that there is always something positive at the end. … Throughout the show we felt the integrity of the people. I really liked that.”

“It touches us—a message of love, a beautiful message of love. So I recommend [Shen Yun] to everyone. If you have the chance to go see it, go see it!”