Shen Yun Brings Valuable Lessons, Says Canadian Senator

January 14, 2018

“I thought it was fantastic; an incredible performance. The artists are very talented and also well-trained. The way they are organized is impeccable.”

“I think there are many lessons for young people. We live in a world where there are many transformations, and some of them are very rapid, and I think [in Shen Yun], there is a message to go back to moral values, to introspection, to look at ourselves and ask ‘Where are we going, where are we going as a society and as a community?’”

“I studied kung fu for 11 years and now I want to pick it up again. I also practiced judo with my son. We love martial arts and as they say [in Shen Yun], martial arts and classical Chinese dance have the same historical roots. It’s truly fantastic. Everything [we saw in the performance] comes down to our humanity and the manifestation of who we are–our art, our culture, our traditions.”

“I would encourage my friends to come see [Shen Yun]. It makes you want to move; to dance; to learn more about ancient Chinese culture and traditions.”