Shaanxi School Murder Reports Curtailed

May 16, 2010 Updated: May 16, 2010

The Shaanxi school murders happened three days ago. At the time of this writing, 11 of the hospitalized children are still in danger. Families of the nine dead and 11 injured children have been warned not to give media interviews. The murder scene remains locked down.

On the morning of May 12, a man committed murder in a privately run kindergarten in Linchang Village, Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province. The injured were sent to hospitals in Hanzhong City for emergency treatment. The assailant, Wu Huanmin, committed suicide upon returning home.

Mr. Wu, a family member of an injured child, told The Epoch Times that the injured children have been separated into two different hospitals. “The regime forbids us from speaking up. They have separated us for fear we will make trouble.”

Another Mr. Wu from Linchang Village told the reporter, “Information is blocked. Reports are forbidden. Roads have been blocked since yesterday, and three groups of policemen have encircled the kindergarten, sealing off access. The police stood there in the rain and prevented journalists from entering. They also told families of dead children not to say anything if approached by a journalist.”

Mr. Wu’s 5-year-old grandson is among the injured children. Wu said the child sustained severe cuts to his head, is still unable to speak, and will likely be paralyzed.

As far as the reporter has been able to ascertain, officials have not come up with a plan for handling the incident, and police investigators have not offered any explanation to the victims’ families. On the day of the incident, the families of seven of the deceased children blocked the road in front of the number 3201 Hospital to request a proper settlement from the authorities. Traffic police later persuaded them to leave.

Unresolved social conflicts

There has been a recent increase in killings in various parts of China targeting young school children. Six of those incidents happened within a span of 40 days, shocking Chinese society and worrying parents. The attacks were unusually cruel.

The Epoch Times interviewed human rights activist Mr. Ma Xiaoming of Shaanxi Province who condemned the crimes against innocent children.

He said that people should take notice of the social background surrounding these murders, adding that these acts were perpetrated because many social conflicts remain unresolved. The lack of information transparency in Chinese society aggravates the conflicts.

"Today's society is like an erupting volcano. Small-scale conflicts erupt constantly, ” Ma said. "Moreover, there is no sign that the ruling party is making an effort to resolve social conflicts. Rather, he said, they suppress people and try to cover up the conflicts, which only results in the creation of more conflicts and more social injustices. “If it continues this way, the volcanic eruption will be even greater," Ma said.

Mr. Ma added that the Chinese people are accustomed to staying aloof from social disputes and critical events. He called on Chinese citizens to no longer remain detached because the many manifestations of social injustice affect every member of society, and everyone is more or less endangered. He hopes that people will speak up and guard against unhealthy trends.

Citizens should proactively fight for their own rights, Ma said, so that the social system can improve and become more democratic.

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