Seven Baby Tigers Born on India Reserve

By Ramya Naresh
Ramya Naresh
Ramya Naresh
December 9, 2014 Updated: December 9, 2014

For the first time ever, Satpura tiger reserve has welcomed seven tiger cubs. The cubs were spotted for the first time by visiting tourists.

Satpura tiger reserve spans over the districts of Hoshangabad, Betul and Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh in Central India.

“Yes, seven new guests have arrived in our park,” said the tiger reserve field director RP Singh.

He added that two tigresses had given birth – one to four, and the other to three cubs.

“With the arrival of cubs, the forest officials are anticipating that tiger population has gone up to 65 to 70 in the park stretched over an area of 2,200 sq. km,” the field director added.

The last tiger census conducted in Satpura reserve two years ago yielded a total of 39-43 members of the species.

Security in the Satpura Reserve has been tightened with a view to protecting the newborns.

Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are in a constant tussle over the title of tiger state and with this new brood, Madhya Pradesh state officials hope to reclaim it after the title was lost to Karnataka in the last tiger census in 2010.

In the last tiger census, Karnataka had the highest number of tigers pushing Madhya Pradesh to the second place.

The true winners in the entire scenario should be the tigers whose numbers are slowly and steadily increasing.

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