See The Moment When Volcano Explodes in Mexico

February 17, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Colima volcano in Mexico erupted this week, and an incredible video captured it perfectly.

The video was recorded via a streaming webcam that was recording the mountain.

The eruption is nothing new for the Colima volcano, which is one of the most active in the world.

The volcano has erupted more than 40 times since 1576.

According to monitoring website VolcanoDiscovery on Feb. 17, “Explosive activity remains elevated. At intervals of tens of minutes to few hours, small to moderate vulcanian explosions occur, often producing ash plumes rising 1-2 km above the crater.”

It erupted about a week ago with “a small vulcanian-type explosion this morning produced a beautiful, vertical ash column rising approx. 2 km (no wind).”