Scotland’s Top Spots for Eating and Drinking That Everyone Should Experience

By Chris Grasso
Chris Grasso
Chris Grasso
Chris is a freelance writer who also enjoy going fishing. He enjoys the sunshine and all kinds of outdoor activities. Email Chris at
February 9, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Scotland is a fabulous and vibrant country with an excellent mix of culture, scenery, history, nightlife, and of course cuisine. When it comes to eating and drinking you can find just about anything and everything in Scotland from International dishes, to local delicacies and modern day fusions. It is this range of choice that makes it such as great place to visit for lovers of food and drink. Every city has its own highlights and top choices but here are just a few top spots that shouldn’t be missed on your next visit to Scotland.

Edinburgh’s Exciting Diversity

Edinburgh is a city well known for its diversity and this is certainly true when it comes to the wining and dining opportunities available. La Favorita is a quirky pizzeria and take-away, serving thin crust pizza that are potentially the cities best. Wedgwood is another popular option, located on the touristy Royal Mile and serving a wonderful array of slightly unusual yet incredibly delicious dishes.

After a busy day exploring the city, most of us enjoy a pleasant coffee shop where we can sit and watch the world go buy. The Caffeine Drip on Melville Place provides a fabulous choice of coffees, as well as a large breakfast selection that will be hard to ignore. For those on a budget keep your eye on the Discount Coffee website, where you can often find some great discounts and coupon deals. When you need to step it up a notch, Bar Soba is a Pan-Asian style Bar with some innovative cocktails and DJ music. For those who prefer a quiet pub drink, The Regent is slightly out of the way with a superb selection of Ales.

Glasgow – The Curry Capital of Britain

You don’t win the coveted title of The Curry Capital of Britain without having something to shout about, and it would seem that Glasgow is the place to head for anyone that enjoys International cuisine and particularly Indian food. Bukharah in Glasgow’s West End is an award winning option, as is Ashoka in Southside Gardens, with both offering a grand selection of beautifully prepared food.

In 2013 the city won yet another food related title when it became the UK’s Most Vegan-Friendly City. 78 café bar in the West End is a wonderfully cosy place with a slightly bohemian feel, making it idea for daytime meals as well as evening drinks. A popular bar in the centre of town is Stereo, and as well as an excellent choice of drinks, also serves top-notch vegan dishes. Make sure you base yourself in the most preferable place for exploring the city by getting online and booking your room at Reserve Apartments.

Gleneagles Two Michelin-Star Goodness

A trip to Restaurant Andrew Fairlie should be considered a real treat, as it is currently Scotland’s one and only two Michelin-starred restaurant. It is located in the Gleaneagles in Perthshire, and is part of the renowned Gleneagles Hotel. The signature dish from the famous Chef is the Smoked Lobster, but the taster platter is another popular choice, which makes it possible to sample a number of delicious creations. If the location doesn’t quite work for you, Scotland is home to a total of 16 Michelin-starred restaurants spread across the country, so wherever you are, an evening of luxury is just around the corner.

Seafood and Specialities of The Highlands and Islands

The nature and landscape of The Highlands and various Scottish Islands is ideal for seafood and anyone in the area should get to Lochleven Seafood Café for the impressive and indeed legendary seafood platter. Another excellent top spot is located in Kishorn; the Kishorn Seafood Bar is ideal for simple and fresh servings of seafood in a chalet-style setting. From the upstairs table of The Waterfront Fishouse Restaurant in Argyll, you can watch the fresh catch of the day being brought into the harbour, as you dig into your very own plateful. For something a little simpler but equally delicious, it can be very hard to beat the classic fish and chips. Local fish and chip shops can be found all around the country and are a staple food of the Scottish diet. While the Seafood in and around The Scottish Highlands and Islands is particularly renowned, the truth is fresh and beautifully prepared seafood can be found all over Scotland.


Whisky – The National Drink of Scotland!


Relaxing with a dram of whisky may well be the perfect end to the perfect meal, regardless of the location or type of cuisine. There is a huge range of varieties of whisky so it may take some experimentation but there is surely something for everyone.

Chris Grasso
Chris is a freelance writer who also enjoy going fishing. He enjoys the sunshine and all kinds of outdoor activities. Email Chris at