Schwarzenegger Has This to Say About Climate Change

February 8, 2015 Updated: February 8, 2015

Actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke on Sunday at a Munich security conference, introducing a new policy paper, “The Future of Energy.”

Calling climate change, the “issue of our time,” Schwarzenegger reflected on his tenure as governor saying green energy creates jobs and leads to energy independence, according to the Associated Press.

President Barack Obama implemented an action plan in 2013 toward energy independence, calling for further reductions in carbon emissions in cars, trucks, factories, and power plants.

Between 2007 and 2013, U.S. carbon emissions have fallen by 10 percent, the largest drop of any country in the world.

Obama called on U.S. cities and states to do their part in implementing carbon reduction measures. He believes the United States should lead international efforts to combat the changing climate, and is already getting growing support at home and abroad.

Schwarzenegger supports global agreements to reduce carbon emissions, and believes governments should not wait for summits to put these measures in place.

He said, “we should be fighting climate change right now.” He also warned against politicizing this issue and encouraged joint efforts.

Leading up to the international climate change summit in Paris this December, some of Schwarzenegger’s fellow celebrities have joined climate change activists to lead global initiatives that encourage action now.

Advocacy organization, Live Earth, led by former politician and climate change activist Al Gore and singer, songwriter Pharrell Williams, is planning a series of events that will take place simultaneously on 7 continents in June 2015 with the goal of bringing together a billion voices that say, “Take Climate Action Now.”

Schwarzenegger’s speech in Germany is timely and the message is consistent with Obama’s goal for energy independence by 2025, and his goal to help other countries transition faster to cleaner sources of energy.

“We all breathe the same air,” said Schwarzenegger.