Santos, Brazil Plane Crash: 10 Casualties Reported After in Sao Paulo, Including Eduardo Campos (+Photos)

A plane crash in Santos, Brazil has injured at least 10 people and killed some of them, reportedly including presidential candidate Eduardo Campos.

The crash was initially reported as a helicopter crash but was later clarified as a plane crash.

The fire service in Santos says that the aircraft in the crash was actually a small private jet–a Cessnar 560XL–heading from Rio to Guaruja, according to freelance journalist Ben Tavener. I

Globo reported that at least 10 people are casualties, meaning some combination of dead and injured. A police spokeswoman told AFP that there were “fatalities but we still do not have a number confirmed.”

Multiple reports later came in that one of those killed in the crash was Eduardo Campos, a candidate to become president in Brazil. He was third in the polls.

The paper also said that three buildings were destroyed, having caught on fire from the crash. It also said that the helicopter apparently hit a house next to a gym.

Pictures of the area show a cloudy environment.

William Zeinum was working at home in Assis Correia Street when he heard a loud noise, around 10 a.m. “I heard a loud noise, followed by an explosion. Went to the window and I saw only black smoke,” he told Globo.

Air Force officials told BBC that air traffic control lost contact with the plane after it could not land in Guaruja due to bad weather.

Story developing; check back for updates.

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