Richard Percy Jones, Pinocchio Voice, Dies at 87

Richard Percy Jones, who voiced Pinocchio in the 1940 Walt Disney film, has died.

According to Westside Today, Jones was 87 when he passed. The report, citing Chief Craig Harvey, said he died at his home, apparently of natural causes.

After he did the voice of Pinocchio, Jones acted in Western movies and on TV. He also appeared in Gene Autry TV shows and movies, including the “The Range Rider” television series in 1951 and “Buffalo Bill Jr” in 1955.

After that, he retired from acting and went into real estate.

“As a kid, he was chosen by Walt Disney to provide the voice of the boy puppet for the 1940 animated flick, ‘Pinocchio.’ Jones was also a skilled rodeo rider — appearing in a bunch of B-movies and TV shows. He also had bit roles in the ‘Our Gang’ films,” reads a report from TMZ.