The Evil Within: Resident Evil 7 Not at E3 but Ex-Capcom Dev Unveils ‘The Evil Within’

Capcom didn’t reveal a new “Resident Evil” game despite rumors to the contrary.

However, ex-Capcom game designer Shinji Mikami–the man behind the “Resident Evil” franchise–unveiled a new game, “The Evil Within.”

Mikami showed the game off during E3 and gave attendees the chance to play it. As website puts it, the “Evil Within” is “the ‘Saw’ of video games.”

Mikami gave an interview with Wired magazine about the game and horror games in general.

“In games in Japan, a typical horror game is something like Clock Tower or Silent Hill but survival horror, the kind of game I like to create, is also entertainment. The horror aspect of the game and the entertainment aspect of the game have to mix together,” he said.

He added there’s a difference between “typical horror” games and survival horror games.

“Yes, it’s a close genre but the difference between pure horror and survival horror is that in the latter you can defeat the monsters and feel good about it. You have to have that sense of being able to defeat a monster, even if it’s tough.

“I’ve made Evil Within to be a very difficult game but when you finish the game, you will feel a sense of achievement. It is scary, but don’t be scared too much,” he said.

“The Evil Within” is slated for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC in October.

A trailer can be viewed here.