Reporter Called Out for Suggesting Republicans Are Nazis: ‘He Could Incite Violence’

August 13, 2019 Updated: August 13, 2019

An Arizona reporter is under fire for suggesting Republicans are Nazis.

Brahm Resnik, a reporter for 12 News, reacted to a post by the Arizona Republican Party that showed a river with the caption “We’re All In This Together” and the share line: “One people. One land. One Arizona.”

“Pretty picture. Just a thought here: A tweet that echoes ‘Ein volk. Ein Reich. Ein Fuhrer’—likely unintentional, because who knows history these days, right?—isn’t a great look at the present moment,” Resnik wrote.

The German quoted by Resnik means “one people, one realm, one leader,” and was the motto of Nazi Germany.

Resnik later deleted the tweet but has not apologized or retracted his claim.

According to his bio, Resnik covers local, state, and national politics and government for 12 News, an affiliate for NBC.

Dr. Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Arizona GOP, said Resnik had smeared Republicans.

“Millions of good, honest Arizonans have been sadly caught up in a disgusting smear by Brahm Resnik of @12news. Reporters are supposed to report, NOT create news!” she wrote on Twitter on Aug. 12.

“Many people (phones ringing off the hook) demanding he apologize.”

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) also called for action to be taken.

“Brahm’s hateful rhetoric should not be tolerated. He could incite violence. I propose a Twitter and Facebook ban for him only to be lifted when #LauraLoomerForCongress is returned to social media,” he said, referring to how Loomer, a Congressional candidate who was previously banned from the social media platforms, hasn’t been allowed to come back.

According to the Arizona Daily Independent, 12 News has not addressed Resnik’s tweet.

“If they don’t comment it means they fully support his hateful rhetoric. At least that’s what @12News says if Trump or Ducey or any Republican doesn’t immediately condemn the latest most urgent pressing daily controversy on which they are reporting,” Gosar wrote.

“I see @brahmresnik quietly deleted his tweet from this weekend calling a simple, benign unity message from the @AZGOP ‘Nazi propaganda.’ I’m sure we can expect an apology soon, right @12News?” added Trey Terry, a conservative Army veteran.

“Brahm Resnik calls 1.3M+ Republican Arizonans Nazis, substitutes Hitler for Arizona, and @12News is cool with it? He’s from Canada & still learning this whole ‘out of many one’ thing, but the guy is sick,” added Constantin Querard, a conservative consultant.

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