Ready to plan your marketing for 2014?

December 2, 2013 Updated: April 24, 2016

January 1st 2014 is just around the corner, but before you purchase your New Year’s streamers, make some time to plan your year of marketing! The process is daunting, I know, but think about all the possibilities and new business 2014 will bring! You definitely don’t want to miss out on that.

The Blog. On Saturday mornings, when I do most of my writing, I call my blog the pit-less troll.  Mostly, because it’s always hungry for more. Starting a blog is easy, satisfying your readers and continually finding interesting content is less so. Don’t start something unless you are going to follow through with it. I often recommend to my clients that less is more as long as it’s consistent in quality and timing. Write a newsletter once a month, or a personal story every Tuesday, either way stick to your promise. My other advice is to plan ahead. More than likely, you don’t linger on the computer all day with nothing to do (or I certainly hope not). Plan to write in advance so that when your date rolls around the content is already ready. 

The Videos. Video marketing is extremely important for your brand! Sites like Youtube and Vimeo have become search engines for how-to’s, presentations and testimonials (along of course with a boat load of procrastination favorites). Use this to your advantage. Start a channel and alternate your video content i.e. how-to, testimonials, interviews, presentations etc. Again, just like with the blog you have to stick with your quality and timing. Read up on your SEO, tags and how to better target your audience. 

The Ads. This has always been a tricky subject for small businesses who often can’t afford a traditional ad in the newspaper or magazines. But, with Facebook and Google leading in online ads this is no longer a problem. For $5-10 a day you can run an ad that will delivery thousands of impressions. Just make sure to plan your ad in congruence with your campaign –launch of a new service or product- and link it back to a strong call to action.

Social Media. I won’t spend much time on this because the average person is already a Social Media expert but it is important to keep in mind that every social media was designed for a purpose. Don’t be lazy and paste the same text in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Learn how each could be most beneficial to your business for announcements, starting conversations or celebrating an achievement. 

The Live Events. It is extremely important that your business has a presence both online and offline in your community. Attend networking events, sponsor relevant trade show or  mingle at a cocktail party. Having a presence online is important, but never underestimate the influence you can have in person. Make sure to keep business cards organized so you can follow-up with prospects later.