Radio Host: Shen Yun Soprano ‘Vibrated my soul’

January 6, 2014 Updated: January 7, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO—Olga Chervyakova, radio host and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area, has seen Shen Yun Performing Arts four years in a row, and she eagerly looked forward to this performance on Jan. 5.

Referring to the animated digital backdrops of Shen Yun, which transport audiences to other worlds, she said the program, new each year, only gets better.

“The show was wonderful. It’s a lot of colors, a lot of handmade, wonderful costumes—and I must say, being in California, spoiled with California winter, with blooming flowers, I miss spring by seeing the performers of Shen Yun.”

New York-based Shen Yun features the world’s foremost classically trained dancers, a unique orchestra blending East and West, and dazzling animated backdrops, together creating one spectacular performance, the company website explains.

“Of course, the wonderful music made it nice. And the soprano was sooo good—and cheerful. I mean, [her singing] vibrated my soul.”

Shen Yun vocalists use the bel canto technique to sing Chinese text. Today, these singers’ ability to do this is unparalleled.

“Shen Yun performers are doing a great job,” Ms. Chervyakova said. She also praised the dancer’s techniques and bearing, commenting on the great flips and aerials.

“By seeing Chinese dancers’ traditional dancing, it makes me kind of think of the wonderful history behind 5,000 years,” she added.

Ms. Chervyakova said she has always loved the digital backdrop.

“I think it’s great. By being in Silicon Valley and having digital art on the wall and making it happen—kind of coming from the wall into the stage, I thought—it’s a wonderful idea. I’ve seen [Shen Yun for four] years, and it gets better each and every time.”

Ms. Chervyakova said that over the years she has brought a lot people to see Shen Yun, which will be performing at the War Memorial Opera House until Jan. 12.

“I’ve brought a lot of people who … were very impressed,” she said. “You bring a good, quality show.”

Ms. Chervyakova said she has her own Russian-speaking radio and also English-speaking radio here in the Bay Area. She was also the first in America permitted to speak Russian live on air.

Reporting by Gary Wang and Raiatea Tahana-Reese

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. For more information, visit Shen Yun Performing Arts.

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