Quit CCP Exhibit in Paris

August 10, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

PARIS- After nearly two months of “Quit the CCP” activities in Paris, with the support of volunteers from the Global Quit the CCP Service Centre, and The Epoch Times, Paris branch, the “Quit the CCP” activities became more and more vivid. Many residents and tourists stop to watch, whether or not they understand what is going on. “Paris Quit the CCP month” activities are also a window where people from different places come to understand the true history of modern China, its culture and the current situation.

The banners and real historical photos have attracted many people. The historical photos with drawings and explanations, silently record and exhibit the criminal evidence of the brutal persecution and massacres that the CCP has carried out on the Chinese people during every campaign in the past 50 years or more.

Many people were shocked by the pictures, and took photos of the pictures …. but what was most touching was an incident that took place one afternoon. A group of Chinese tourists and a female teacher leading the group, passed by the venue of the “Quit the CCP” activity. The students stopped to look at the pictures on display. The teacher looked at the students and then at the time. As their tour bus was about to leave, there was no time to take a closer look at these pictures. This teacher borrowed a camera from a student and took pictures of all the exhibits. She told the students, we have no time, but I will go back and tell the stories on every one of these photos. She also took away some information.

A man from Africa, working in an African TV station, saw these pictures and information regarding “Quitting the CCP”. He asked a volunteer from the Epoch Times: “What does “Quit the CCP” mean?”

The volunteer explained: “because, in China, the communist regime has carried out an autocratic rule over the Chinese people for over 50 years, and has killed many Chinese people. Quitting the CCP means withdrawing from the Chinese Communist party and its related organizations, breaking away from this evil party that has harmed people.

The man from Africa said, “I think China is good, furthermore, China has given our country a lot of help.”

The volunteer replied, “China and the Chinese Communist Party are two different matters,the CCP does not mean China, it is the Chinese people who have helped you, not the Chinese Communist Party!” After listening to the explanations, the man from Africa changed his attitude. The volunteer gave him a copy of the “Nine Commentaries of the CCP”, he accepted it happily and said he will read it carefully.

A man from China stood in front of the TV watching the program on the “Nine Commentaries of the CCP” for a long time. The volunteers beside him were talking about the report on the 2.7 billion year old rock with the words “the Chinese Communist Party is doomed” written on it found in Pingtang county, Guizhou province. This was reported in the official mouthpiece for the CCP, the Xinhua website, CCTV, People’s Daily and over 100 newspapers in China but they omitted the word “doomed”. When the man heard the conversation about the “rock”, he asked the volunteer: “Is this true?” The volunteer replied: “you can see it for yourself on the website, the picture is very clear.” The man from China said:” I came over on a tour from Germany, I saw the displays, banners and music here, you have done a great job and it is beautiful!” He also said, “if there is a group of people like you, then there will be hope for China. If these quit the CCP activities were brought to China, within a short period of time, in a month, the CCP will be finished with.”