Psychotherapist: An Honour and Privilege to See Shen Yun

April 16, 2017

“The show was absolutely exquisite. It was stunning, it was beautiful, it was aesthetic—it satisfied me in every way. I was very excited about coming to the show and I wasn’t disappointed. It transported me to another level, I absolutely adored it. It was wonderful!”

“It was such a mixture of the physical, aesthetic, beauty, absolute synchronicity, movement, perfection, it satisfied the senses [and] the intellect on every level within one’s being. It was like this beautiful moving experience that I just felt I could melt into and become one with. It was absolutely exquisite. There almost aren’t words to describe it.”

“There was a sense of such unutterable perfection in every sense. The movement, the colors, the backdrops, the synchronicity, the music, and the feeling, it was just wonderful.”

“I found the last piece quite fixating. It sort of brought one to a very specific point of focus, really. Yes, it almost took me down from this ethereal aesthetic world where I was traveling, and it sort of re-grounded and focused me—it was very beautiful, it was a wonderful moment.”

“I have to say one of the things that transported me was the absolute aesthetic beauty of each and every vignette. I was actually exclaiming—I almost could have gone into a swoon with some of them.”

“The whole company is to be congratulated—it was such an honor and a privilege to be here, and I really want to say that it was just exquisite.”