Protect Your iPhone With the Most Powerful Case, Taktik 360 (Video)

Phone cases are being developed at an insanely rapid rate all claiming to be the most waterproof, the most drop-proof, or the slimmest
By Ashley Timms
Ashley Timms
Ashley Timms
December 26, 2014 Updated: December 26, 2014

Phone cases are being developed at an insanely rapid rate all claiming to be the most waterproof, the most drop-proof, or the slimmest. The cases usually tout one strong feature and end up falling flat for the others. However, Taktik 360, the new iPhone 6 case from Lunatik, has all the features- and more.

Taktik 360 is a meticulously designed result of customer demands. Lunatik have designed previously designed and released Taktik Extreme and Flak. Taking the advice and requests from consumers, Taktik 360 answers every demand. It’s sleek, it’s functional, and it does what it says it will do- keep out water, dust, and resist shattering from drops.

According to Lunatik’s website, 70% of smart phone owners damage their phone in some way. Of those, 29% are due to drops, 32% are due to spilled drinks, and 20% are from dropping them in toilets (ew…). It seems that even the slightest bad scenario can lead to our precious phones being damaged and FUBARed- all it takes is one drink (or toilet).

Lunatik believe that the best case for a phone is one that can survive extreme situations, even if we don’t face the extremes on a day-to-day basis. If the phone can be protected by Taktik 360 from a 3000-foot drop from the skies then it should handle a measly drop from your pocket like a champ.

Taktik 360 phone case. (Lunatik)
Taktik 360 phone case. (Lunatik)

In fact, users of Lunatik cases love to show off how they’ve tested the case. Users have pushed it to the limits and showcase how it can be run over by cars, fall from 3000 feet, and even dropped from motorcycles at 50 mph and still keep your phone safe.

Lunatik have always had high attention to detail. Without it, their cases wouldn’t work. Taktik 360 has tapered edges which improve handling (and make you less likely to drop your phone) but it can still slide into your pocket as usual.

There’s a clear lens covering the camera so you can still take crisp photos, there’s a non-slip border that acts as in impact bumper, an interior suspension for the eventual drops, provides a seal for all ports, and still retains touch ID. It even has a Corning Gorilla glass lens so the touch screen is still as sensitive as you’d expect.

The main theme of all of the features is that the phone preserves all functionality; you still use your iPhone 6 as your normally would but minus the drop rate and damage rate.

There is a three-step assembly process for Taktik 360’s airtight compression closure. First, the phone is put into a soft case. Next, the outer shell is added and snapped into place. Lastly, using the included key, the case is locked into place to ensure safety to be airtight.

The final result is a fully submersible protected phone with all ports and membranes sealed that doesn’t have (much) acoustic degradation. What more could you ask for?!

Taktik 360 phone case. (Lunatik)
Taktik 360 phone case. (Lunatik)

Lunatik have set themselves to high standards- they use MIL-STD-810 to approve Taktik 360. This is a military standard that tests products to their limits with the most extreme environmental measures that it would normally face in its lifetime. This could be for anything from guns to helmets so we know Taktik 360 can handle anything (including your 2-year-old).

After an extremely successful Indiegogo campaign, people have not stopped raving about Taktik 360. The original goal in October was for $100k. The new case attracted so much attention and the funding capped at nearly $270k. With the extra money Lunatik plan to improve their designs and maximise the case’s ability to do what it does best: making your phone “Oh, sh!t” proof.

Some may think that Taktik 360 is too bulky, like many phone cases, although claim it’s worth it for the safety of a precious iPhone. Others, like Siva Om of are disappointed that Lunatik have stopped at the iPhone 6 and haven’t gone for it’s gargantuan sibling the 6 Plus.

Taktik 360 comes with the locking key and audio extender. It can be preordered for $124.99 in black or white (and internationally!). They expect to produce the case for the rest of the year and begin shipping in the beginning of 2015. If you just can’t wait for protection, Lunatik will be sending out a free Seismik with each order.

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Ashley Timms