Professional Dancer Impressed by Shen Yun Dancers’ Grace, Precision

April 28, 2018

“It’s absolutely beautiful. Their grace and precision is wonderful to watch. It’s amazing. I love it.”

“[The dancing] looks extremely difficult. I’ve been trained in ballet, but this is a whole other level. It’s just beautiful to watch. The grace and even the strength behind the movement is incredible.”

“I can’t imagine how many rehearsals they had to go through, and the length of those rehearsals.”

“The backdrop … it’s great. It’s very fun to watch. I think kids would love it. The storytelling is perfect behind it.”

“[The singing] is beautiful. It’s beautiful. I love it, too. It adds to the story. It completes it.”

“[The storytelling] is moving. I would say it moves you. … You get that feeling and that emotion from it.”

“During the [dance story ‘Unprecedented Crime’] where the husband-to-be was taken away and tortured and brought back, you just get a feeling of [sharp intake of breath]. And then the happy ending—it’s joyous, and even the movements where it’s just group dancing is beautiful. It just brings a peace to you.”

“Amazing. I can’t wait to see the second half.”