Prince Was Likely Dead for Hours Before Body Discovered: Report

May 22, 2016 Updated: May 22, 2016

Prince, whose body was found in an elevator in his Paisley Park estate, may have been dead for hours before his body was found, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. 

A responding paramedic told staff members and law enforcement officers that Prince was likely dead for over 6 hours before his body was found, according to the Star Tribune.

Prince died at the age of 57 on April 21, and the cause of his death is still being investigated. 

Many suspect that Prince died from an opioid overdose, but his attorney said Prince’s use of prescription drugs was normal. 

“Everybody who knows Prince knows he wasn’t walking around drugged up,” Londell McMillan, his lawyer, said. “That’s foolish. No one ever saw Prince and said, ‘He looks high.’ It wasn’t what he was about.”

However, a physician had been treating Prince for opioid addiction in the weeks before his death. A source said Prince had to be given an intravenous injection on April 15 for his addiction. 

Members of his entourage grew desperate enough that they placed calls to people in New York and California, trying to get help for Prince’s addiction. 

The painkiller Percocet was present in Prince’s body when he died, sources said. But autopsy results have yet to be released.

The day before his death, Prince was photographed leaving a Walgreen’s a lengthy drive away from his home. 

Some suspect that Prince acquired drugs from multiple drugstores so as to not tip them off about a possible addiction.