Pregnant Woman Who Died on Way to Hospital to Give Birth Identified

January 23, 2018 Updated: January 23, 2018

The pregnant woman who died on her way to the hospital in Maine has been identified.

The 27-year-old woman has been identified as Desiree Strout, reported WGME.

Strout was rushing to the hospital on Jan. 22, when the car she was driving slid on ice, partially hit a snowbank, and rolled onto its side.

Strout was killed but doctors at Redington-Fairview General Hospital performed an emergency C-section to try to save her baby.

Strout had been nine months pregnant.

The baby is in critical condition.

“The baby is currently in Bangor at EMMC,” Skowhegan Police Chief David Bucknam told Central Maine. “Unknown status, as the hospital will not give us an update.”

Dana Weeks, Strout’s uncle, told WGME that she was a mother-of-two.

“Now the little man’s empty handed, you can find a dad figure any place, but moms are golden, you ain’t gonna find that every place, you can’t,” Weeks said. “You can’t replace a mom, not in my book.”

Franny MacMichael Clark, a family friend, express sadness over the death.

“The times that I was around her, she was a very loving mother,” Clark told Central Maine. “Her oldest daughter, Delanie, is such a smart little cookie and I know Desiree home-schooled her kids, so you could tell, it was evident, that she spent a lot of time with them and teaching them. She was a sweetheart—her parents are my neighbors.”

The 8-year-old in the vehicle, one of Strout’s kids, is expected to fully recover.

An adult male passenger in the vehicle, Harry Weeks, is also expected to recover.

Weeks, 29, suffered a punctured lung and laceration, police told Central Maine. He is Strout’s husband.



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