Praised as ‘Absolutely Breathtaking and Hopeful!’ Shen Yun Returns to St. Louis

Shen Yun returns to the Peabody Opera House, Feb. 20-22
February 18, 2015 Updated: February 21, 2015

ST. LOUIS—Greeted with standing ovations throughout it’s Midwest tour, Shen Yun Performing Arts will return to the elegant Peabody Opera House, Feb. 20-22.

Shen Yun will bring its exquisite depiction of traditional Chinese culture and values to St. Louis, historically known as the gateway to the West.

According to the company’s website, “Through the universal language of music and dance, Shen Yun weaves a wondrous tapestry of heavenly realms, ancient legends, and modern heroic tales, taking you on a journey through 5,000 years of Chinese culture. Its stunning beauty and tremendous energy leave audiences uplifted and inspired.”

After attending the Feb. 15 performance in Grand Rapids, Mich., Ms. Charlotte Biays said in amazement, “This was a completely unique experience! We marveled at how the emotions were conveyed with the dance movements. A movement would depict an emotion. It was a unique experience and we thoroughly enjoyed it.”

She loved how she could feel the expression of emotion from the dancing and the music go from sadness, to gaiety, to liberation.

After seeing Shen Yun’s debut performance in Davenport, Iowa this week, plant manager Joe Tabor was touched by the company’s presentations of traditional Chinese dance and music, and said, “This is above my expectation!”

Every year Shen Yun incorporates the ancient traditions and values of China. Each dance or musical presentation showcases folk dances from various Chinese ethnicities or depicts legends, myths, or actual stories from the country’s 5,000-year-old civilization.

Mr. Tabor has always been fascinated by Chinese culture, and he appreciated learning about the different peoples of China: “I will take that back with me. That’s something that you don’t see on a day to day basis.”

Retired teacher Deb McBride was moved by the deeper spiritual aspects she saw in the performances.

She said, “It is a stunning, exquisite performance. The spiritual aspect was absolutely breathtaking and very hopeful.”

Ms. Mitchell said she would recommend Shen Yun to others. “I would highly recommend it. It’s amazing.”

Mr. Tabor said he’ll make sure his family in Chicago sees Shen Yun: “I have been encouraging … my family in Chicago, and I’m going to call them and tell them they need to see this.”

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform around the world. For more information, visit

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