Poll: Slight Majority Says George Zimmerman is Guilty

July 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

UPDATE: The jury deemed Zimmerman not guilty. He is a free man now.

Slightly more than half of the people answering whether they think George Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder.

The unofficial poll on the Epoch Times website (see bottom of the post) asked people: “Do you think George Zimmerman is guilty?” People must log in through a Facebook account to answer the question. 51 percent said “yes;” 44 percent said “no;” and 5 percent said “don’t know.” 4,519 people have answered as of Saturday evening.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder over the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was walking back from a convenience store when shot by Zimmerman after the two fought. 

The shooting, which happened on a rainy night in February 2012, was in self-defense, says Zimmerman. The jury is currently deliberating the decision after the trial ended on July 12.

Along with responding to the poll, more than 200 people have shared their views on whether Zimmerman is guilty or not. 

“Zimmerman was told to follow procedure and not respond to suspect Martin. He deliberately ignored orders of police–if he would of followed directions Trayvon would be alive,” said one responder, Sheila Twiggs. “He murdered Trayvon and he has no remorse.”

“Yes I feel Zimmerman is guilty,” said another, Cecilia Lee Shewmake. “I believe being a neighborhood watch person, he–Zimmerman–didn’t follow proper protocol. If he would of stayed in his truck, Trayvon would be here today, it’s just a very sad situation. My heart goes out to Trayvon’s parents. I pray and hope they do the right thing.”

However, keeping in mind the close vote count, many people said Zimmerman is not guilty.

“It’s clear that not only is he innocent–the prosecution is making that case for him–not only that, he never should’ve been arrested in the first place,” said Rob Schellinger. “He was only arrested to placate the race hustlers.”

“He did what anyone would do when getting their head bashed in,” said David Roberts. “Should have done it sooner.”

The poll began on the first day of Zimmerman’s trial on June 24 and has been running ever since. 

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