Picnic Day in Australia; Northern Territory Date, History, and Info, Including Harts Range

Picnic Day in Australia is set for Monday, August 4.

The holiday is only for the Northern Territory.

The holiday is public in NT, meaning government employees and some public workers get the day off. Schools are also closed and post services are not available.

The day is not set; it’s on the first Monday of August each year.

According to Time and Date, it serves as an extra day of rest for workers as well as part of a long weekend for various events, such as the Harts Range annual races.

People use the day as part of a long weekend, relaxing at home or going on trips out of the area.

A number of sporting events are also held on the day.

The Harts Range is the special event of the day, featuring bull rides, children’s events, and lizard races.

“According to one source, Picnic Day was originally declared a public holiday so railway employees could go to Adelaide River to enjoy a picnic. However, another story tells that it stemmed from a race meeting on November 27, 1947, that grew into what is now known as the Harts Range annual races,” the blog said.

That story is detailed on the Harts Range Races website.

“The meeting, which included riding, a barbecue and a dance, was such a big success that it became an annual event. An application was made to the Northern Territory Administrator for a central Australian holiday to be granted to coincide with the Harts Range Amateur Racing Club’s future meetings. The administrator agreed to it and the holiday was gazetted as ‘Picnic Day.'”

Many events were held over the weekend with a meeting slated for Monday starting at 10:30 a.m.

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