Photos: ‘Plenty of Good Seats Available’ During NFL Week 12

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
November 26, 2017 Updated: November 26, 2017

Attendance issues continue to harm the NFL as it heads into Week 12 of the 2017 season.

At Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, the Cleveland Browns played the Cincinnati Bengals, and as some noted, there were numerous empty seats.

There were also a number of empty seats as the New York Jets play the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

“A minute before kickoff. Plenty of good seats still available” wrote one fan. After the first quarter, the stadium’s seating situation didn’t appear to improve.

Many Indianapolis Colts fans noticed the bevy of empty seats during their game against the Tennessee Titans.

During the Tampa Bay Bucs-Atlanta Falcons game in Atlanta, fans noticed a lack of filled seats as well.

Before the KC Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills, there were photos posted of empty seats.


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