Paul Walker Death: Tyrese Says Walker Wouldn’t Want Fans to be ‘Sad’

January 18, 2014 Updated: January 19, 2014

Paul Walker wouldn’t want anyone to be “sad” over his death two months ago, said actor and rapper Tyrese Gibson–who was said to be good friends with the late “Fast & Furious” actor.

“I went out there and I found my smile again,” Tyrese told E! News, speaking on the impact Walker’s death left on him.

“I think a lot of us, without knowing, just with the hustle and bustle of life, trauma, drama and stuff—everybody knows what happened—to all of us mourning the loss of Paul at the end of the year, and I was just really sad for a long time,” he said. “And I said, you know what? I’m gonna go to Dubai and I’m gonna go find my smile again and I found it.”

Earlier this week, Gibson said that “I’ve never been depressed in my life but I was very, very sad and down, it took me a minute to shake it.”

“I was with him just four days before it happened,” he added. “We was on the set shooting, and that was a lot of shock and trauma for the family and all of us involved, because he’s such a nice guy.

“A lot of times we can take people praying for us for granted but it’s really a form of rebuilding when you’re in pain and you’re confused and going through things,” he said.

Gibson said it’s important to keep Walker’s charity–Reach Out Worldwide–going after his death.

“Basically when there’s huge traumatic areas like Hurricane Katrina, [or] when earthquakes happen in certain places around the world, [Reach Out Worldwide] goes out there by the numbers, and they help people out in these areas so he was raising money the day that he died,” he said.

The fate of Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, in “Fast & Furious 7”–slated for release in April 2015–is not clear.

The movie’s writer, Chris Morgan, told IGN there hasn’t been made any definite decisions.

“I mean at this point, everyone took a break and we’re having time to grieve,” he said. “And now everyone is coming together, linking arms and trying to figure out what the best way forward is. And that’s kind of the stage we’re at right now. Everyone is motivated to make it something special and move forward in the right way.”

He added: “There’s nothing set in stone at all. Those are the conversations we’re just now having. Nothing’s decided. Everything is still open and on the table.”

Local radio station KHTS reported that investigators in the Nov. 30 crash met with Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies and Porsche officials this week.

The investigation notes said that driver “(Roger Rodas) was driving a red Porsche Carrera GT at an unsafe speed, approximately 100+ mph, in the No. 1 eastbound lane on Hercules Street, approaching Constitution,” according to the KHTS report.

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