Paul Walker Brother Reportedly Tapped to Appear in ‘Fast & Furious 8’

The brother of Paul Walker, Cody Walker, has reportedly been signed up to star in “Fast & Furious 8.”

After his brother’s death, Cody Walker was tapped to finish scenes of his brother’s character.

A source told the London Daily Mail: “Of course, Cody isn’t a replacement for Paul in any way, but the producers were really grateful that he stepped in to help them finish this last film and Cody is so likeable and charming. It would be a tribute to Paul that Cody carries on the Walker name in the Fast and The Furious movies.”

And according to, media analyst Paul Dergarabedian says if Cody “does a great job and is well received by audiences in this newly conceived role, then who better to carry on the Walker tradition than his brother? …when its a family member who fills in, it seems to soften any criticism that could develop.”

The New York Daily News reported that Walker’s father persuaded Cody to finish the seventh movie, which comes out next year.

“I had a hand in convincing Caleb and Cody,” he said. “We had a pep talk because it was something they were obviously very skeptical of doing and I think it helped.”

“They were obviously wary of filling Paul’s shoes; it was an unenviable task and they didn’t want to feel like they were intruding,” his father, Paul Sr., said of his brothers. “But the incredible love they received from Tyrese, Ludacris and Vin Diesel was an unbelievable help. Once they started working on the movie, it was about everybody pulling together to fill the void left behind by Paul.” 

A few days ago, Dwayne Johnson, who appears in the “Fast & Furious”movies, described Walker as a “beautiful man.”

“He was a beautiful man, and in that crazy world, that’s really something,” he told MTV.

Walker died last November while he was in the car with a friend after leaving a charity event.