Over a Thousand Villagers Protest Violent Enforcement of Birth Control in China

By Xin Fei
Xin Fei
Xin Fei
May 26, 2007 Updated: May 26, 2007

CHINA—Over a thousand villagers surrounded the government building in Ziliang town, Rong county, Guangxi province on May 23, to protest violent state enforcement of birth control regulations. Local authorities sent large numbers of armed police stop the protest. Many villagers were injured, and several were arrested by police.

According to Mr. Lin from Ziliang town, recently many villagers who have more children than permitted by the Chinese communist regime have had their houses searched by the birth control officials and have had their belongings confiscated. On May 23, about 2:30 in the morning, birth control officials broke into a villager family's home in Shapu village and seized property. An elderly resident of the household was terrified and had to be admitted to the hospital. This incident triggered over a thousand villagers to surround the town government building. The protesters demanded that the regime stop all violent enforcement of birth control and compensate the villagers' property loss.

Mrs. Yang told The Epoch Times that she saw several hundred armed police mobilized by local authorities to stop the protest. They injured a number of villagers. At least one of the villagers was severely injured and had to be admitted to the hospital. Angry villagers threw rocks at the police, and several villagers were arrested.

Officials take advantage of birth control regulations to rob people of their money, complained Mr. Lin The Epoch Times . There have been a number of other recent cases of birth control officials breaking into people's residences and violently taking their property. Xie Jianfent, a resident of Yunsong village, had his house ransacked by a dozen men on the order of the town's deputy party chief, because he could not afford to pay the 14,000 yuan (approximately US$1,818) birth control fine. The men took his TV, motorcycle, and 1,000 yuan in cash. Xie went to the local police station to report the incident, but instead of having his voice heard, was detained for nine days and fined a further 400 yuan.

Birth control officials also broke into another villager's house in Dali village, because their son who was working out of town had more children than what is permitted by the communist regime. Officials handcuffed the old couple, hit them with electric batons and took their savings, cash and residential documents before they left. The birth control officials also threatened the old couple, saying that if they helped their son to get away, they would be fined another 3,000 yuan.

“The birth control violence has caused resentment everywhere in Guangxi province. Anger and despair are spreading among the people; sooner or later, it will cause huge conflicts,” said another villager, Mrs. Xie.

From May 17 to 19, in Bobai county, Yulin city, Guangxi province, over 50,000 people attacked seven township government offices around Dungu town. The incident has drawn attention from the outside world. Ziliang villagers said that they believe their initiative to be part of a more general overall protest against state violence in Guangxi province.


Xin Fei