Over $200,000 Raised for Family of Pregnant Hobart Woman Killed in Crash Whose Unborn Child Lived

January 25, 2016 Updated: January 25, 2016

Sarah Paino was killed in a car crash, but her unborn baby was saved by doctors.

Paino, 24, was driving home from dropping her partner Daniel Stirling off to work in Hobart on Friday morning when a stolen car slammed into her sedan.

Paino was 32 weeks pregnant.

She died at the scene but her two-year-old son survived with minor injuries.

Doctors were also able to save her unborn baby, though the child is now in intensive care.

The boy’s father told Yahoo that his name is Caleb. He’s in stable condition.

The public has donated more than $200,000 to a fund for Paino’s family.

Stirling on Monday thanked people for their kindness.

“This is a time of conflicting emotions for us as we grieve the loss of Sarah, whilst also welcoming baby Caleb to our family,” he said in a statement. “Every donation has reminded us that we are not alone in our grief … words cannot express how much this means to us.”

The teenager driving the stolen vehicle has been charged with one count of manslaughter and one count of motor vehicle stealing, reported ABC.

Three other teens in the vehicle were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

People interested in donating to the family can go to MyCause. You can also send money to MyState.

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