Outsourcing Your Marketing: Should Your Company Do It?

March 17, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Marketing is so important for companies that it can be the difference between a company on the front pages of the internet versus a company that has never been heard of and will shut down. Having a good marketing department can be important but will they have as big of an impact as an outsourced team? This is a question that goes through business owners heads on a daily basis. Startups also run into this dilemma of whether to use a PR/Marketing firm or if they should build out a team of their own.

Firms and Agencies Can Be Picky When Hiring

Some marketing professionals that have worked at big companies will ask for way too much money when going to a smaller company or startup. This leads to smaller companies getting entry level people with not as much experience as an outsourced team would have. Although the entry level person could end up a great marketer, they are few people who know marketing without a mentor who has copious amounts of experience. Outsourced teams specialize only in marketing and have done campaigns that are relevant to the niche your company is in. Many firms like Digital Media Group have professionals in different areas of marketing. Having PR and SEO experience as well as content creation and marketing experience is difficult to find in one person but agencies have aggregated most of these people together.

Money Saving In The Long Run

Giving people benefits in the long run when running a company can cost quite a lot of money. Using outsourced marketing teams is important especially if you are running a seasonal type business. For example, if marketing a Halloween costume store then the outsourced team could be put on hold or minimize their spending/pause work in the offseason. In house marketers have to continue to be paid whether they have a large workload or not. While it is not wise to stop marketing completely, scaling down the offseason or slow season marketing spend can leave a company much more profitable than trying to push the marketing effort without much conversion.

Quality Of Work

Often times, business owners have an image they would like to project with their marketing effort. Many of these owners might not have a background in marketing and this could hurt a business. Having outside workers do the marketing will help with the conversion rate as many marketing and PR firms do test groups on what type of marketing will work on the customer demographic. The technology that a marketing firm will have is not only expensive to purchase but takes a lot of expertise in the specific software. By not having these because of expenses, the marketing firm will be able to break down the data coming in via the website to see what is converting.

Unless a company has a lot of bandwidth for marketing then outsourcing this department might be the best thing to do. It will boost your conversions as well as take a workload off of your HR department.