OS X Yosemite Release Date, Beta, Rumors: New OS X 10.10 Unveiled by Apple

OS X Yosemite was unveiled by Apple at its WWDC in San Francisco on Monday.

The latest iteration of Apple’s desktop OS–named after Yosemite National Park–has a new look that includes a new toolbar, new notification center features, a dark mode, and other features.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said, “All in all, they come together for a gorgeous and more usable version of OS X, the best ever,” he said before calling Dr. Dre, the rapper and producer whose Beats Electronic and Beats Music service was bought out by Apple, according to CNET. He was showing off the OS X phone calling feature.

Federighi added that Yosemite also uses “carefully crafted translucent materials” for the panels.

He said Apple chose the OS name after narrowing it down from OS X Oxnard and OS X Weed, named after two different cities in California. Weed is located in Northern California north of Redding.

“Strangely [Weed] had large pockets of support,” he joked, reported NBC.

The latest update of OS X will be free.

According to CNET, Apple will release the updated operating system in the fall. However, people who can’t wait can sign up for a beta version ahead of time.


— The next Mac system will be called Yosemite, after the national park, now that Apple is naming it after California locales rather than cats.

— You’ll be able to search for content on the computer and on the Internet at once, similar to a feature available with Microsoft’s Windows 8.

— Apple is expanding its iCloud storage service so that you can store and sync files of any type, not just the ones designed specifically for iCloud. It’s similar to how other services such as Dropbox let you work with the same files on multiple devices more easily.

— A Mail Drop feature will make it easier to send large files. Instead of pushing the entire file by email and overloading mail servers, the Mac will create a link that the recipient can click for the full file.

— The Mac’s Safari Web browser will have more privacy controls and ways to share links more easily.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.