'Organ Supermarket,' the Movie Coming Soon

May 14, 2006 Updated: May 14, 2006

The ongoing story of organ harvesting from live human beings inside mainland China is currently the most popular and sensitive topic. A group of people who are passionate about visual arts have made a movie out of this story called “Organ Supermarket.” The Director of the movie, Chi Nongshen, said that this movie does not seek an answer to the issue, but to bring up the question. The shooting of this movie has been finished. The post-production will be done in a month. Then, this movie will be presented to an audience.

To celebrate “Organ Supermarket's” successful shoot, the “Three Friends House Production Team” from New York held a special reception on the afternoon of May 7 at the International Conference Hall of National Taiwan University Hospital, welcoming people of all walks of life to share the story behind “Organ Supermarket.”

Chi Nongshen was born in Taiwan and is currently living in Europe and the U.S. Over the past few years, she has been in charge of the “Three Friends House Production Team” in New York. She, as an artist, is well educated in Chinese history, culture, and literature, and is also influenced by German philosophy. She said that when she first read the script, in a free society, she felt it was as marvelous as black humor. It was truly a miracle that the movie was finished, though with difficulties such as a financial shortage and a lack of professional actors.

“Organ Supermarket's” actors and crew are from Taiwan, the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. From mid-April to May 3, the movie was shot in Taiwan and the post-production will be finished in New York. More than 60 actors and staff members have volunteered to contribute their time and skills without pay.

Synopsis of the 'Organ Supermarket'

There is a new market. In the market, living human beings are being sold. The target customer for this service is anyone from anywhere in the world. These tradees are usually approaching a dead end in their lives. As long as they have money to afford it, the staff of the organ supermarket will help them find whatever they want.

Because this kind of organ trading of living human beings is prohibited and illegal in any country that has a belief in morals and Gods, the people in this business conduct secret trading. Their relatives are not even aware of their business. The trading often occurs in basements and at night. Because of their fast service, a lot of business flows rapidly to the organ supermarket. In this market, the most popular living beings are Falun Gong practitioners. It is said that their bodies are very strong and healthy because they practice Falun Gong.

Since 2000, the business has increased significantly. Nobody knows where the market has been able to get such an ample supply of live organs, although the traders and sellers at the organ supermarket are secretly doing such inhuman business. It is said that no living being who are chosen for the organ supermarket can escape it; even the staff members inside the market will become victims in the end.