The Trump Raid and the Erosion of America's Justice System

The Trump Raid and the Erosion of America's Justice System
Secret Service personnel are seen in front of the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Aug. 8, 2022. (Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images)
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The United States of America is great because of its constitutional rights and a justice system that has traditionally protected citizens from government overreach.

The principle of equal justice under the law, however, has taken a severe beating in recent years.

The unprecedented FBI raid of a former president's home has led Americans to fear what might be next.

If an opposition politician who has indicated he'll run for office again can be targeted this way by federal agents, what about average citizens?

The raid targeting former President Donald Trump follows the Justice Department's years-long Russia collusion investigation. That probe found no evidence of wrongdoing. But inquiries into the investigation's origin exposed a bias-tainted operation premised on lies funded by a political opponent.

The issues these incidents raise are larger than politics. They go to the core of what America stands for.

The United States is the standard-bearer for fundamental rights. A functional justice system differentiates us from dictatorial regimes.

The raid on Trump based on allegations surrounding his handling of government records, which he as president had the authority to declassify, has further divided the country.

If the goal of a politicized raid was to reduce support for the former president, it appears to have had the opposite effect. In the wake of the raid, protests were held across the country. Even those who politically oppose Trump have condemned the search.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of congressional investigations should the majority shift this November, Republican lawmakers have asked the leaders of the FBI and the Department of Justice to preserve records related to the raid.

Amid the controversy, our nation is facing enormous external threats. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) works unceasingly toward its stated goal of destroying America.

While the FBI has recently, and rightly, pursued cases and investigations against CCP agents operating on U.S. soil, the agency is now finding itself losing the trust of tens of millions.

It's no secret that communist groups, both domestic and international, have sought for decades to infiltrate all U.S. institutions with the goal of undermining the nation from within. The book "How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World," published by The Epoch Times, describes this in great detail.

America needs to be strong to face this threat. To be strong, we need to heal our internal divisions. Further politicization of federal agencies achieves the opposite effect.

How do we move forward as a country when the rule of law seems to be unevenly applied, causing trust in our institutions to fade?

The appearance of politics tainting prosecutorial decision-making is a dangerous trajectory for America and the world.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As a starting point, the government should be fully transparent about the Mar-a-Lago raid. Full disclosure would be a step in the right direction, helping to lower the temperature of the nation.

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