Opera Singer Charles Castronovo Touched by the Beauty of Shen Yun

April 7, 2017

“I’m a tenor also. It was interesting to hear him (Shen Yun vocal soloist Guimin Guan) sing in Mandarin. I sang one time in Mandarin in China, … It’s very difficult. I think it’s very difficult to sing in this language, … I think it requires something very different. It’s very interesting to see.” 

“I like it (Shen Yun Performing Arts Orchestra) very much. It’s very beautiful to hear more of the traditional instruments, and it sounds really lovely. We’re enjoying it very much.”

“We like dancing in general, and were attracted by the beauty of this show. Also the folk aspect of the dance.”

“It’s beautiful. The women were very feminine, all so beautiful, which is very wonderful. Of course, the men were very masculine, and the drums (“Tibetan Drums” dance) were very interesting.” 

“The effects on the background were fun. Everyone was flying and then showing up on the stage. It’s a really good way to be interactive, the technology and the classical Chinese dance. That worked really well.” 

“The costumes were beautiful, very bright, very beautiful. Everything was positive about it. We loved it.”

“For us, the cultural and the spiritual aspects of [traditional Chinese culture] were very interesting, to learn more about it, [and] to see it. We are performers, so we very much understand this type of communication. So when it’s done in this way, it’s very touching. It was very beautiful. I was very relaxed, very happy and smiling.”

“It’s interesting to see [Shen Yun dances] about political struggles. It’s also a very important part of a performing — communicating through arts.”


“It’s a good look into the culture through dance, through music. You can get a good outlook, a positive outlook on China and its culture. It’s extremely beautiful.”