Obama’s Final Tweet to His Wife Becomes One of the Most Engaging in Twitter History

January 19, 2017 Updated: January 19, 2017

The final tweet from President Barack Obama from the presidential Twitter account to his wife, Michelle, has fast become one of the most engaging in Twitter history.

“To the girl from the South Side who took on a role she didn’t ask for and made it her own: Happy Birthday, Michelle. I love you,” he wrote, in celebration of her birthday. The First Lady was born and raised in Chicago.

Michelle Obama also noted her birthday in a tweet of her own.

“Thank you for the birthday wishes and for the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to serve as your First Lady,” she wrote—showing a picture of her and their two dogs, Sunny and Bo.

Obama’s most retweeted message ever came only about a week prior.

“Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I’m asking you to believe—not in my ability to create change, but in yours,” he tweeted.

President Obama’s last day in office is Friday, Jan. 20.